GB Plus Magnum Steel US4/36g 250st Utgående

2.495 kr

GB Cartridges makes available to the most demanding hunters its range of hunting cartridges with steel shot. These cartridges allow you to go further and keep your shotgun in the best conditions. The steel shot loaded in GB cartridges has passed the most demanding ballistic tests to guarantee an impact in the shotgun comparable to lead therefore making it the best alternative.
The Plus Steel Magnum 36 cartridge gives your shotgun the full effect of magnum ammunition with the versatility of steel. The Plus Steel 36 Magnum cartridge from GB provides the best price with the maximum speed, reaching up to 425 metres per second.

Producto ProductCalibre GaugeLongitud Length (mm)Culote Brass head (mm)Carga Load (gr)Perdigón ShotVelocidad Velocity (m/s)Embalaje Box
Plus Steel 36 MAGNUM 12 76 25 36 4 425 25 / 250

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